Hangzhou light chi communication technology Co., LTD. Was founded in 2003, is based on the IEC, TIA/EIA, YDT and other international domestic standard, in order to complete the advanced fiber optic products production test equipment and leading optical communication and precision machining technology as the foundation, through the strict production process and the norms of scientific management, to become the most excellent r&d, manufacturing and sales of optical fiber transmission and wiring professional manufacturers of products and solutions provider, for the communication within the industry the vast number of users with reliable quality of products and services to meet the industry or its customers products manufacturing, upgrade and engineering application needs, and continuously improve product quality and brand value.      
       Company headquarters is located in light chi building Yuelian Jinhua Xiaoshan Hangzhou, the company sets jump line production workshop, device assembly workshop, finishing division, mould molding workshop, sheet metal processing and assembly shop, testing center and product engineering department and other departments and agencies, for clients to provide products and solutions, as well as for the company independent design, research and development manufacturing products, to provide the reliable technical support and ability. The company marketing center is located in xiaoshan HFC rich square, gridlocked traffic conditions and form a complete set of perfect business environment for the company to provide convenient service market. Our products are mainly used in enterprise nets fiber optic cabling and a public comprehensive access project, the products are sold to the national and international market.



Hangzhou light chi communication technology Co., LTD.
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